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What makes something newsworthy? February 10, 2012

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Discuss the concept of news. What makes information newsworthy?

There are 8 characteristics that makes something newsworthy.

The first is timeliness which is probably the most important of the 8 characteristics, because if news isn’t current, people are not going to want to read it. It is important to announce something when it happens. Also, it is important to be up-to-date with current events and stories already being covered by the news.

The next is prominence which is when you use well-known people or organizations to draw attention. An example of this would be having a celebrity at an event, because therefore people would want to read about it.

Another is proximity and this is important because people want to read about things that are happening close to them. Gatekeepers would rather print local stories because it offers a strong news value.

Significance is when a situation or event that effects a large number of people. It is important to know how many people will be affected as well as who will be affected.

Unusualness is anything out of the ordinary that may attract public attention or the press. An example of this would be challenging students to create duct tape prom dresses. This is not something people hear about everyday, but it is something people would want to read about.

Human Interest is an important characteristic as well. People are interested in other people, and it does not just include celebrities. An example of this would be a ninety-year-old being initiated into Zeta Tau Alpha.

Another characteristic, that is pretty common for news stories is Conflict. Conflict is dominant in society, as well as in news, and people enjoy reading about conflicts between people.

The last characteristic is Newness, which is used when a new product is being released. You have to ensure that the product really is new, and it doesn’t just have new packaging.

All of these characteristics make something newsworthy. Some things will have more than one characteristic, while others will only qualify under one.


Why is uniform system of citation and writing needed? February 4, 2012

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For your next blog post, discuss the need to have a uniform system of citation and writing by different professionals. Why is it important to have this uniformity? For example: Journalists use AP Style, Researchers use MLA or APA, and Attorneys use a uniform system for court documents and legal briefs

I think that a uniform system of citation and writing is needed because it makes it easier for people in their profession to understand better. Since doctors use the same writing format, and attorneys as well, it makes it easier for them to understand each other and know how to read information. It is important as well in PR because everyone is expected to do the same thing, and therefore makes it easier for the industry to use it and understand it. If a citation and writing were not used for professionals and everyone wrote how they wanted, people would have a harder time finding the important information, and understanding all the information provided.

Citations are also important in order to ensure there isn’t plagiarism. Citations allow everyone to cite their sources, so the person reading knows where they got their information and isn’t taking credit for someone else’s work. Citations also add validity to a story and makes the person seem credible for what they write.


Why am I blogging? January 18, 2012

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I am going to be using this blog for my PR Writing class. I will be posting blogs weekly, on specific topics given by my professor. I am excited about blogging more and hope to have some interesting things to say that people will enjoy reading.


Blogs I have commented on December 6, 2011

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I commented on Hillary Millard’s Blog:

I like what you say about corporate blogging, as well as the quote you use about having to blog constantly. I too do not think I will have time to blog constantly. Trying to blog in college I feel is impossible, even though I know people that find the time do it. I also feel like you do that I dont have much to blog about that people are going to want to read. I dont have many readers as it is now, with me blogging about PR. Maybe one day I will get back into blogging, but unless I have to for a class, I dont see it continuing anytime soon.

I commented on Michelle Brown’s blog:

I agree with you. I think it does depend on the major if this class will come in hand for people. Art majors, as well as interior design and such probably couldn’t benefit from intro to PR. The only part of our class I could see them benefiting from is crisis management. Everyone comes across a crisis at some point in their life and could really use help with how to get through it.


Blogs I’ve Commented On November 30, 2011

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I commented on Virginia Stieghan’s blog:

I really like your analogy that you used for PR and would never look at tennis that way. I have never played tennis personally, but know people who have and have watched it and I see exactly where you’re coming from. I think it is true that in tennis and in PR you must impress your audience at first. The beginning is the most important part. And I agree that it is important for both PR and tennis players to stay on their feet. No matter what happens neither can give up, they must keep playing and trying. Good job! The analogy brings a whole new perspective on PR.

I also commented on Piper Densmore’s blog:

I like that you have two separate blogs. I think if I blogged about life, and personal things, I would have separate blogs as well. I do not think people who are getting on my blog to read personal issues would want to read about PR and school topics. I wish I had the time to have a personal blog, and could figure out what to blog about. I don’t even know where I would start and feel like no one would even want to read it. But, I do agree with you that I will keep my blog for school assignments, but do not think I will continue to blog on it unless I have to for school.


Blogging.. What have I learned?

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When we were told that we were supposed to blog every other week for class I was not sure how I felt. I had to keep a blog when I was in my FYE Facebook and Beyond class. She gave us a question, or topic every week and we had to respond, so I already knew a little bit about blogging already. After my FYE class I did not continue blogging, and did not open my WordPress again until I had to blog for this class.

I have enjoyed blogging for this class, because some of the topics have been interesting and fun to research and blog about. There are also negatives to blogging though, because I wasn’t able to just write about anything I wanted to, but had to relate it to PR (which I understand since it was for a Intro to PR class). But, I do like the fact that we were able to choose between 2 topics, so I could write about the one that interested me the most.

I do not think I will continue to blog after this class. I don’t really have time to get on and write a blog, and don’t really know what I would write about. I know some of my friends have a blog and write daily about their life, to help their parents know whats going on in life, but I don’t have a desire to do that. The only other reason I would blog again is if I have to do it for another class.

But, overall this has been a good experience, and I have learned a lot about my classmates reading their blog as well.


Intro PR courses are good for everyone, but why? November 18, 2011

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I think introductory courses to Public Relations are good for everyone, because they teach you a broad spectrum of topics. According to, “An introductory public relations course prepares students to understand each component and how it functions in the profession, while learning the role of public relations in the modern world. Students examine real-world problems and solutions through case studies and independent projects. They acquire the skills to improve corporate images, release formal statements and navigate interview styles in an introductory public relations course.” I think this is a good thought. I especially like where they suggests that students examine real-world problems and solutions in intro classes. This is something anyone can use, not just a PR major. People face situations and crises everyday and need to know how to manage these crises.

People also learn about all of the social media tools out there, beyond the basic facts. It doesn’t just focus on Facebook, or Twitter, the two most popular, but it explains others such as blogs, wikis, and others, that aren’t as common but are just as important. Students can learn the benefits and consequences of using these as well, things most students don’t think about on their own.

Being in the Intro to PR class, I have learned things I never thought I would. I am not a PR major, but am a PR minor, and while writing a Press Release may not come in hand for me, knowing how to handle crises (because I want to be a lawyer) as well as learning how to write, learning about different audiences, and all about social media will help me in the real world. Another big that thing we have learned that will help me in my career choice is all about the laws and ethics. If I decided to go in the route of media law I would definitely need to know about the ethics and laws pertaining to PR.