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PR practitioners and journalism.. why is the relationship changing? March 29, 2012

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Why do you think the relationship between Public Relations Practitioners and Journalists is the way that it exists today when the first PR Practitioners were those who had careers in journalism?

I think PR practitioners and journalists have the relationship they have today due to the competition out there. They both rely on eachother, but have different roles. Journalists write factual stories with the purpose to inform while PR practitioners write to advocate. PR professionals rely on journalists to write true, positive stories about their organization, but that is not always the case. Journalists sometimes write negative stories about products or organizations causing tension between the two groups. Journalists are doing their job though, and so are PR professionals. They do not want negative publicity for their client because it causes a negative reputation.

I think the reliance of PR is getting smaller, though has not been eliminated yet, due to newspapers dying off. Newspapers are not as popular as they use to be so PR professionals are having to rely on other forms of media and such to relay their messages and stories. PR is turning to social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook. These social media sights are popular today but one day these too will die off and PR will have to look at another way to spread their word.


PR is growing fast.. but why? March 21, 2012

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Why do you think Public Relations is such a rapidly growing field?

I think one reason why PR is growing so fast is because Public Relations is such a huge field. It is not just party planning, but can include working at a firm, as well as work for a non-profit organization. There are so many opportunities for people wanting to go into the PR field. Every organization or business is looking for a way to make themselves look good and generate positive publicity and reputation and it is the PR persons job to do this. I think the fact that there is such a variety, draws such an attraction to the PR field. No matter your interest, you can most likely find a job doing PR that you enjoy.

The need for PR is growing as well. Competition is becoming greater and therefore good publicity is a huge part of being successful.

The fact that PR is growing is so interesting because it shows that having a PR career, you have a chance to grow!


Why is uniform system of citation and writing needed? February 4, 2012

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For your next blog post, discuss the need to have a uniform system of citation and writing by different professionals. Why is it important to have this uniformity? For example: Journalists use AP Style, Researchers use MLA or APA, and Attorneys use a uniform system for court documents and legal briefs

I think that a uniform system of citation and writing is needed because it makes it easier for people in their profession to understand better. Since doctors use the same writing format, and attorneys as well, it makes it easier for them to understand each other and know how to read information. It is important as well in PR because everyone is expected to do the same thing, and therefore makes it easier for the industry to use it and understand it. If a citation and writing were not used for professionals and everyone wrote how they wanted, people would have a harder time finding the important information, and understanding all the information provided.

Citations are also important in order to ensure there isn’t plagiarism. Citations allow everyone to cite their sources, so the person reading knows where they got their information and isn’t taking credit for someone else’s work. Citations also add validity to a story and makes the person seem credible for what they write.


Why am I blogging? January 18, 2012

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I am going to be using this blog for my PR Writing class. I will be posting blogs weekly, on specific topics given by my professor. I am excited about blogging more and hope to have some interesting things to say that people will enjoy reading.