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PR is growing fast.. but why? March 21, 2012

Filed under: PRCA 3330 — kbantin @ 12:37 pm

Why do you think Public Relations is such a rapidly growing field?

I think one reason why PR is growing so fast is because Public Relations is such a huge field. It is not just party planning, but can include working at a firm, as well as work for a non-profit organization. There are so many opportunities for people wanting to go into the PR field. Every organization or business is looking for a way to make themselves look good and generate positive publicity and reputation and it is the PR persons job to do this. I think the fact that there is such a variety, draws such an attraction to the PR field. No matter your interest, you can most likely find a job doing PR that you enjoy.

The need for PR is growing as well. Competition is becoming greater and therefore good publicity is a huge part of being successful.

The fact that PR is growing is so interesting because it shows that having a PR career, you have a chance to grow!


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