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PR practitioners and the Media February 22, 2012

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Discuss the relationship between PR Practitioners and the media.

I think the relationship between PR Practitioners and the media is a complicated, yet important relationship. A PR practitioner has to be sure to have a good reputation and be in good standing with different contacts in media. If a practitioner treats a media contact poorly, and is rude, than that media contact is not going to want to publish anything coming from that practitioner and therefore the organization the practitioner is representing is not being publicized.

The media must also treat practitioners well, also, because otherwise the practitioner will choose different media contacts to get their story out. Media is so large and so competitive these days, that a practitioner has a variety of media outlets to choose from for publicity.

I think relationships can get complicated because there are so many outlets and therefore trying to make a personal relationship with media contacts is hard. Practitioners have to keep up with multiple organizations and multiple media outlets which can make things complicated.


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