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Blogs I have commented on December 6, 2011

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I commented on Hillary Millard’s Blog:

I like what you say about corporate blogging, as well as the quote you use about having to blog constantly. I too do not think I will have time to blog constantly. Trying to blog in college I feel is impossible, even though I know people that find the time do it. I also feel like you do that I dont have much to blog about that people are going to want to read. I dont have many readers as it is now, with me blogging about PR. Maybe one day I will get back into blogging, but unless I have to for a class, I dont see it continuing anytime soon.

I commented on Michelle Brown’s blog:

I agree with you. I think it does depend on the major if this class will come in hand for people. Art majors, as well as interior design and such probably couldn’t benefit from intro to PR. The only part of our class I could see them benefiting from is crisis management. Everyone comes across a crisis at some point in their life and could really use help with how to get through it.


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