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Blogging.. What have I learned? November 30, 2011

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When we were told that we were supposed to blog every other week for class I was not sure how I felt. I had to keep a blog when I was in my FYE Facebook and Beyond class. She gave us a question, or topic every week and we had to respond, so I already knew a little bit about blogging already. After my FYE class I did not continue blogging, and did not open my WordPress again until I had to blog for this class.

I have enjoyed blogging for this class, because some of the topics have been interesting and fun to research and blog about. There are also negatives to blogging though, because I wasn’t able to just write about anything I wanted to, but had to relate it to PR (which I understand since it was for a Intro to PR class). But, I do like the fact that we were able to choose between 2 topics, so I could write about the one that interested me the most.

I do not think I will continue to blog after this class. I don’t really have time to get on and write a blog, and don’t really know what I would write about. I know some of my friends have a blog and write daily about their life, to help their parents know whats going on in life, but I don’t have a desire to do that. The only other reason I would blog again is if I have to do it for another class.

But, overall this has been a good experience, and I have learned a lot about my classmates reading their blog as well.


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