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Intro PR courses are good for everyone, but why? November 18, 2011

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I think introductory courses to Public Relations are good for everyone, because they teach you a broad spectrum of topics. According to, “An introductory public relations course prepares students to understand each component and how it functions in the profession, while learning the role of public relations in the modern world. Students examine real-world problems and solutions through case studies and independent projects. They acquire the skills to improve corporate images, release formal statements and navigate interview styles in an introductory public relations course.” I think this is a good thought. I especially like where they suggests that students examine real-world problems and solutions in intro classes. This is something anyone can use, not just a PR major. People face situations and crises everyday and need to know how to manage these crises.

People also learn about all of the social media tools out there, beyond the basic facts. It doesn’t just focus on Facebook, or Twitter, the two most popular, but it explains others such as blogs, wikis, and others, that aren’t as common but are just as important. Students can learn the benefits and consequences of using these as well, things most students don’t think about on their own.

Being in the Intro to PR class, I have learned things I never thought I would. I am not a PR major, but am a PR minor, and while writing a Press Release may not come in hand for me, knowing how to handle crises (because I want to be a lawyer) as well as learning how to write, learning about different audiences, and all about social media will help me in the real world. Another big that thing we have learned that will help me in my career choice is all about the laws and ethics. If I decided to go in the route of media law I would definitely need to know about the ethics and laws pertaining to PR.


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