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blogs I have commented on October 6, 2011

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Hillary Millard

My comment:

I agree with you completely. I think that while a lot of journalists think they can easily just switch careers to PR, they are definitely wrong. I took the Intro to Journalism class last semester and am now in the Intro to PR class and see differences in the both just by being in the intro classes. Writing for journalism is completely different than writing for PR. Press releases are the complete opposite of articles. I hope that maybe we will start seeing more men in the PR profession. I do not think that is should be considered a woman career, because there are some men out there that would be great at it. Some men were just made for careers that involve you to be outgoing, personable and a great communicator.

Gina Missini

My comment:

I agree with you that the journalist profession is going away. I think this is due to the fact that newspapers are going extinct. The less people who read newspapers, the fewer journalists are needed. I think this is going to cause more journalists to switch over to the PR profession because it is probably one of the closest professions to journalism. I think for people who switch from journalism to PR need to be trained though because there are things journalist need to know in the PR profession, such as how to write a press release.


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