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Misconceptions about PR September 9, 2011

Filed under: PRCA 2330 — kbantin @ 3:41 am

Although Public Relations is only a minor for me, when I tell people about it, they wonder why I picked PR to minor in. I think this curiosity comes from myths and misconceptions of public relations. Having a mom who has worked in the PR field for over 26 years, I was able to ask her about some misconceptions and myths she has come across. A few misconceptions that she has faced are: only women work in public relations, PR is all about talking or “being a people person,” and it isn’t hard. 

I think movie roles have a huge impact on the misconception that only women work in public relations. The idea that women are better communicators and have a pretty face for PR can add to this. Although women are popular in the PR field, there are many positions men work as and are good at it. The myth that PR is all talking, is partially true but Public Relations professionals have to do more than know how to talk. This myth ties in with the myth that it isn’t hard. If PR was only about talking, then a college degree or higher education would not be necessary. But, PR involves writing press releases (which is not something just anyone knows how to do), having a good mutual relationship with clients, being able to solve problems and conflicts, and much more. The list can go on and on. Some believe they can do what PR professionals do on their own, and they may think they can, but they can’t as well as someone who is trained. I think people need to research PR more and movies should portray the profession better in order for these misconceptions to disappear.


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