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MY social media policy November 30, 2009

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Connecting: Tell me a little bit about yourself!

I would like my new followers to tell me a little bit about themself. Also, I would like them to inform me of why they are following me!

Follow, add, friend:

I believe you should KNOW your friends. If your friending people for business reasons, I think we should be able to filter and have the option of whether or not we want businesses contacting us. I think we should be able to block people if we do not want them stalking us!!

Privacy Boundaries and Safety:

I think people should be able to block certain people from seeing pictures and other things on their page, such as business workers, and bosses. I also think that people should know what they should and should not put on the internet. If you don’t want someone else to know, then don’t put it on the internet!


I believe that people who update their status 6870987e6 times a day need to be banned from updating them any longer! No one cares when people are brushing their teeth, or walking their dog! I mean come on people, we don’t need to know your EVERY MOVE!!

Personal date and sharing:

I think it is fun to share information with friends and allow your family and friends to see pictures of you and hear about things going on in your life!

My networking needs and uses: FACEBOOK!!!

I only use Facebook, and I believe that anything I put on Facebook can be used anywhere! I am aware to be careful of what I make public!

Trust: we should know who we REALLY are talking to

I believe we should be able to trust that people are who they say they are!

Availability: ANYTIME! ANYWHERE!

I like the fact that the internet can be used anytime and anywhere if one’s phone has internet or ipod, or laptop! I also like that it is FREE!!!



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