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podcasts November 15, 2009

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I listened to two different podcasts. I listened to one called Stuff Mom Never Told You, and it was titled Do Bras Serve any Purpose! The two girls told me all sorts of random facts about bras such as the biggest bra size, which I think is like a 38 VV WOW!!! A funny fact is the bras do not prevent breasts from sagging, and the only purpose that can be found is that women feel more comfortable with a bra on!  They also talked about what bras used to be made of, and when the first bra was created. I thought the podcast was funny because I never have thought about when the bra was first created or what it was first created out of. The facts were silly, and the conversations they had were silly, but they knew how to be serious also!

The other podcast I listened to was on called Stuff Mom Never Told You, and it was titled Where did Pantyhose come from? In this podcasts two girls, Molly and Kristen inform us about Pantyhose. Molly talked about how she hates pantyhose because of the noise they make and the way they rub! A man, Alan Gant (sp) came up with pantyhose, which surprised me because women are the ones who use them. He apparently invented them for his poor, pregnant wife, Ethel Boone Gant. They were invented in 1953 and they were first made by fastening stockings to a pair of panties! In 2008 there were still 1.4 pantyhose sold, so although the sales have gone down, they are still selling very well!

I liked listening to these two podcasts, because they were very funny and serious at the same time! I also like them because I got to learn many different random facts about stuff I have never thought about.


2 Responses to “podcasts”

  1. I enjoy listening to all the How Stuff Works podcasts. If you liked the one you tried, you might want to try some of the others, as well.

  2. Wow I am literally the first comment to your incredible post.

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