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Perez and Kim love to blog! November 9, 2009

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I looked at Perez Hilton’s blog at I love his blog! He gives updates on celebs, with pictures and also his opinion. It gives people a true insight on things happening with celebrities, because the media tends to put out false information.

I also looked at Kim Kardashian’s blog at Her blog is really cool too! She uploads a lot of pictures of her and things she attended, such as a Saints football game. Not only did I get an update on her, but there were updates about her sisters also. I liked all the pictures, because she had some baby pictures up, and I dont get to see those normally, because the media finds bad pictures of people, not cute baby ones!

I picked these two blogs because they are of interest to me! I get to learn about celebrities on Perez Hilton’s and I get to learn all about Kim Kardashian, someone I follow on twitter, and who’s tv show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” I watch! I look at both of these websites atleast once a week, because I think it is good to keep up with whats going on in the celeb world! haha! 

It amazed me how often Kim Kardashian and Perez Hilton blog! They update their blog multiple times a day! I don’t see how they find time for it, but they do! Don’t get me wrong, I like it, because there is more information and blogs, but It just surprises me how much time they find to blog!


One Response to “Perez and Kim love to blog!”

  1. hillmill1 Says:

    I have never read their blogs but it sounds very interesting. I am always a sucker for celebrities and what is going on in their lives other than what the media portrays. I agree with you on how you are surprised they have time to blog! I feel like I barely have time to blog myself so I can not even imagine that they do! I feel like celebrities writing blog posts can make themselves seem like a normal person with individual thoughts and ideas rather than this Hollywood figure. If I were to ever become famous I would definitely blog so fans can understand what type of person I really was! I am glad you wrote this blog post because now I want to check out these celebrities’ blog sites.

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