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sucess series! October 26, 2009

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I went to three different success series. I was sad I didn’t get into Sex Signals, because it was too crowded, because I heard it was really funny! But, I did go to White Like Me with Tim Wise, Jumpstart Your Personal Finances with Peter Beilagus, and Major in Success with Patrick Combs. They were all very good, and I learned a lot from each.

My favorite Success Series was the Jumpstart Your Personal Finances with Peter Beilagus. He started off with an example and had a guy come up on stage and give $1. He was trying to explain why we should invest our money in the Stock Market, and so the money doubled and kept doubling, and the guy ended up with $10; he even let the kid keep the money!! (I was wishing I would’ve volunteered to go up on stage) He said to put a cup somewhere in our room and make it our “loose change” cup. Everytime we get home we are supposed to put our change in this cup. I actually do this, and I think it is a good idea. I am doing a good job in filling it up, except for when I took money out the other day to buy stamps.  He said after a year we will have a lot of money in that jar, just from saving our coins; I SURE HOPE SO! He also taught us that credit scores can get messed up very easily, especially if you have a common last night. He gave us a website that we can find out our credit score for free.

While these are only some suggestions Peter gave us, all the tips will help me to be successful with my finances. I hope I can take what he taught me and never be in BAD debt, or with a bad credit score!


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