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Oh, the fun I had at the Ropes Course! October 2, 2009

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I really enjoyed the ropes course that we did for FYE 1220. We first started out playing a name game, where we stood in a circle and threw a ball to a specific person, and when we threw it we had to say “here you go—- ” and say the person’s name and when they caught the ball they had to say “Thank you—.” This helped us to learn eachother’s name, which was important when playing other games later during the course. Next we did the human knot game, where we each put our hands in a circle and grabbed hands with  two random people. Then, we had to try to untangle ourselves!To my surprise, my group did very well, and actually got out of two knots and the other group never got out of their first!! Finally, we got to move to the bug infested woods and begin the ropes course! Everyone in the group, all 26 of us or so had to stand on a log, and we were told to pick an animal. After picking our animals, we had to get all the animals in order from smallest to largest on the log, and were only allowed to touch the ground 3 times as a group, but we couldn’t talk, and could only communicate by using animal noises. This was so hard, because some of the animals didn’t make noises, and then some of the smaller animals were on the wrong end and had to go to the opposite side of the log. The next thing we did was a maze, and we were blindfolded at the beginning and were taken to this maze and were told to “hold on to the rope” and if we followed the rope we would eventually find our way out of the maze! At the beginning of the maze the leaders told us we could ask two questions: 1. “am I good?” and 2. “can I have some help?” When I finally asked for help, and the instructor told me to take my blindfold off and stand on the outside of the maze, I realized the whole point was to ask for help!

I learned alot about myself during the ropes course. I learned that I can be a part of a team, and it is not as hard as it seems, and that if  we just stick together and help eachother out, we can accomplish so much more. I learned that although I did not know any of my classmates personally, we were told we were all on the same time, and we joined together and accomplished our task!

I believe that the Southern Adventures at Georgia Southern’s RAC tied in with “Making Connections: Facebook and Beyond” because we had to connect with our team mates to solve the problems. We had to learn to communicate with them in order to complete our task. I believe it has to do with FYE because we had to seek out and learn about different activities on campus. If I had not gone to Southern Adventures for FYE I probably wouldn’t have known it existed, nevertheless visit it.

I think if our FYE class went back to Southern Adventures later on in the semester, we could accomplish more, because we already know eachother’s names now, and we have had experience working together, so I think we would be able to accomplish tasks faster. I also believe we could follow directions, and might be able to solve the complicated courses.

I will take communication, and team work with me in the future during future tasks and classes. I know to talk to my teammates, or classmates, and figure out what we are going to do, before we do it. This will help get things done faster and correctly. Working together and not arguing, and letting everyone give imput helps in complicated tasks.


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  1. Mackenzie Says:

    I think you’re right! It’d be cool if we went back because you all were able to learn eachothers names, and get to know eachother more, so the next time would be a little easier, and more fun. I am glad you enjoyed the course! Thanks for sharing!

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